OnRoto.com Fantasy Sports

2009 TQStats Customers:

The original owners of TQStats have arranged with Fanball to take over all legacy TQStats Fantasy Football Leagues.

All league data from last year (and years past) has been preserved and either is available now (we have just completed loading the 2009 data) or will be soon. Apart from the navigation, the site will look a lot like TQStats.

To access your league, commissioners should register an account with OnRoto. If you register with the same email address that you had used at TQStats/CDM/Fanball, you should automatically be matched with your old league immediately after registering. You'll be taken to a new page listing links to your league (or leagues). If you have changed email account since last year, or, if after registering, you do not see a table listing your league (s) on the left with links to your team home (or commish home) in the right hand column, please contact us at support@onroto.com. Please include your first and last names, the full league name, your team name, and your old email address.

Returning league members will also need to create accounts with OnRoto. As with commissioners, if owners register under the same email address they used last year, they'll automatically be matched with their teams. If they've changed emails, commissioners will need to enter their new emails on the "Teams and Owners" section of the set-up pages. From the Commish Pages "Messages and Email" menu, you'll find a link to an "Invite Owners" page. From that page, you'll be able to send invitations to your owners with instructions on how to register.

Thanks, and we look forward to hosting your leagues in 2010.