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2019 OnRoto League Looking for Local Owners

Several years ago we had a couple of requests from long-time leagues looking for local owners to participate in in-person drafts and other league sponsored activities. So we decided to start posting a list to see if it would be helpful -- it was, so we're back again.

If you live in the area of any of these leagues and you're interested in participating, please email OnRoto Support and we'll get your email address to the league commissioner and you can take it from there.

If you're a league looking for local owners, send us some of the details about your league -- especially location, entry fee, payout, draft date, and any obligations owners have to attend various events, and we'll post a note for you.

Most Recent Update: Mon Apr 8 11:12:50 EDT 2019

MHS FANTASY SPORTS, Internet-based, hosted at OnRoto

MHS FANTASY SPORTS - 28th Year. H2H & ROTO Leagues
Very competitive Roto and H2H leagues.
UNLIMITED FREE Trading, Weekly Free Agent Drafts
Mention OnRoto and receive a 20% discount off a Team for Sale
Email support@MHSsports.com or call 954-649-7020 Anti-dumping trade rules used.

20 for 2020, NYC Area

Active group of long time owners forming new league from scratch.

5x5 Mixed, $260 auction, 40 man rosters, 20 teams, 17 player snake reserve draft, $500 buy in.

Looking for knowledgeable, committed owners. In person draft, time and date TBD. Drafting by phone is an option.

Richie Allen NL , Internet-based

NL only 5x5 roto keeper league looking for one owner.
5X5 (hr/rbi/sb/r/obp/w/s/so/era/whip); 23 man roster, 17 man reserve squad
$300 entry fee; auction scheduled for 7PM 3/28; weekly moves
Sister league to the Justice League, below.

Justice League, currently Internet, but historically live, Northern Va, based


Long time East Coast AL only traditional roto keeper league looking for one owner.

This is an online auction (Tuesday March 26th at 7 pm) league with a large reserve roster that charges one fee ($200) and offers free weekly moves, trades, FAAB and waivers with midweek exceptions for injuries and major league promotions. We use LeagueSafe and desire an owner looking to stay long term that acts like a gentleman.

Elmhurst Basball Association, Albany, NY area

AL only league established in 1985
Need 1 new owner to take over existing franchise due to owner time constraints.
5 x 5 scoring 12 teams Keeper format-League
Rules posted online. Entry fee $150
In person MLB draft April 7, 2019 and minor league draft after auction.
Payout for top 4 spots. Use Bid Meister system for waiver claims/bid players.

Dr. Strangeglove League, West Hartford, CT

10 team 5X5 American league only
Entry Fee is $260
Live Auction Draft Sunday 3/31 9:00 AM in West Hartford
This is a keeper league so team has a partial roster.

The Subway League (aka The SLBA Founded in 1989) , Rosewell, NJ

We are an NL (4x4) only league with an opening. Actually had two, now only one.
The SLBA follows Waggoner structure and uses FAAB in the second half of the season.
Pays out 4 slots, and is having its LIVE draft in Rosewell NJ on March 30th at 1pm EST.
Roster is half price $130, transactions are $5 first half $10 second half.
Draft is key as you cannot simply cut a player in the first half.
Good group of guys looking for a GM interested in being connected.
Owners range from PA into various parts of NJ (north, central and south).
New GM has option of taking over team, or come in with a clean 260 pts.

Mike Davis Memorial Fantasy Baseball League, NYC

The Michael Davis Memorial Fantasy Baseball League is looking for Fantasy Baseball owners to join us for the 2019 season, the league's 32nd! The MDMFBL is a roto style, 7X7 New York City keeper league. You must be able to attend an in-person draft located in lower Manhattan on Saturday, March 23rd. Location is TJ Byrnes Bar and Restaurant and draft starts at 8:30AM. Team rosters consist of 25 players: 10 active offensive players: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, EIF, LF, CF, RF and EOF. 10 active pitchers: 6 starting pitchers and 4 bullpen pitchers. A five player bench rounds out your roster of 25 with a 225 draft day auction budget. Weekly buys and player adjustments on Sundays with another weekly player line-up adjustment on Thursdays. Each league member has been in for over twenty years. Play solo or with a partner: friends, father-son, husband - wives, etc. Buy-in is 400. Currently we have 10 teams.

League is competitive yet friendly.

JGNL, Midland, MI

JGNL (27th year), NL only, Points based. 11 teams (have 10, looking for 1 more)
Auction, Keeper (9 max). Weekly Lineup Changes.
Live & Call-in Draft: In-Person Draft in Midland MI (8 owners); CA & NC owners on phone.
Draft/Auction Date & Time: Saturday April 6; morning start (time to be determined).
Entry Fee Required: $26 entry + about $74 transaction fees = about $100 total

Cobra Kai Karate Dojo, Internet-based


We are in need of (2) replacement owners for rotisserie end of year stat league. $50 entry fee. Keeper league; up to (5) total on 23-player roster. On-line auction draft of $245 salary, minus keepers' salary. Unlimited moves throughout the year once a week moves, salary is not tracked after the draft.

Sons of Hoss, Internet-based


Sons of Hoss is looking for a single GM. This is an AL only auction keeper league with no in-season trading. $150 buy-in through league safe covers FAAB also. 5x5 roto scoring with IP instead of K. 40 Man rosters with salaries and 3 year contracts plus minor league contracts. Auction will be held online using onroto.

DTFBL, Internet


20+ year NL-only league, looking for one new owner (have 9 returning owners from last year).
Draft is on-line and snake format (using website, 2 minutes per pick last year) and will be at 3:00PM EDT on Saturday March 23.
No keepers -- draft from scratch each year.
Roster is 23 active (14 players/9 pitchers) and 3 reserve. Optional 3 for taxi/minors.
Scoring is 5x5 rotisserie. Entry fee is $80 with no transaction fees.
Click here for constitution

Dead Parrot League, Avon, CT area

Need new owner for AL-only keeper league in our 30th year.
Live auction draft in Avon CT on March 30.
$750 entry fee payable on Draft Day, plus FAAB, GLTCs and roster expansion.
Will consider discounted entry fee in first year.
12 teams, 5x5, 40 man rosters.
Payout %s: 45/25/15/10/5.

Mason Dixon Fantasy Baseball League, PA/MD/DC area

PAYOUT 1ST-60% 2ND-25% 3RD-15%

Massachusetts American Rotisserie League, Worcester, MA area


9th year, 10-team, AL only, 5x5, keeper roto league $125 entry (no transaction fees)
MUST ATTEND In person Auction style draft Sunday, April 7th.
23 man active roster filled with $260 auction dollars (minus keeper contracts).
17 man bench filled by rotation draft immediately following auction
Keepers: 15 MLB / 6 MiLB max
Payout: 1st $575 (~50%), 2nd $275 (~25%), 3rd $175 (~15%), 4th ($125 ~10%)

Stir Not My Cold, Black Roto-Heart League , Internet-based


  1. Our online Auction Day is Saturday, March 30, 2019 beginning at 1:30 p.m. EDT.
  2. Bragging Rights for winners only in a competitive, fair, and balanced league. 3-year player contracts, 46 active roster slots, 10 Teams each with 22 Pitchers, 23 Hitters, and 1 Swingman- all active, no bench. Serpentine Farm
  3. Draft and 10 Farm Slots, Auction Day Only Salary Ceiling of $520. Our teams generate lots of scoring numbers.
  4. Double the number of original fantasy baseball active roster slots, so lots of stats, which has the same leveling effect as 162 games in The Show. Our Pennant races are often tight, because our standings usually are.
  5. Head to Head 7 x 7. Most importantly, weekly we compare our category score to our opponent's, one win or loss per period. Like in a real game of baseball, whether you win by 10 runs or one run, it still counts as a single win or more importantly a single loss, no matter how ugly or grand that week was for your team.
  6. This is a General Manager type league, not a daily lineup manager one. GM style, rather than a Daily Lineup Manager (Free Agent transactions are thrice weekly and waiver claims are once per week).
  7. No Bench. Everyone plays, except those on DL or in Farm. Can’t hide players from your opponents via a Bench.
  8. Scoring Categories- Team Runs, Home Runs, RBI, Batting Average, Plate Appearances, Total Defensive Chances (Assists + Putouts), Wins, ERA, Strike outs, Innings Pitched, Hits plus walks given up per 9 innings pitched, Saves plus (Holds divided by 2), Modified Quality Start (5/6/8+ IP with 2/3/4 or fewer Earned Runs). Our 7 x 7 categories, esp IP and PA, insure that teams cannot skip absentmindedly to victory after a strong start to the week.
  9. Two 5-team Divisions with each and every team participates in the playoffs, just like the Indiana High School basketball tournament.
  10. Mixed NL and Al League
  11. 2019 will be our 34th consecutive season.
  12. $15 League Fee per team covers our stat service. No additional or hidden fees. We use OnRoto. Everything is in one place, not spread over 2 platforms, like a combination of a free stat service with a free forum provider. Every player in the free agent pool @ OnRoto is available.

MUndane Delaware Valley Interstate League, PA/MD/NJ area


Well established league (30+ years), competitive 12-team, NL only, 5x5 keeper roto league looking for 1 replacement owner.

2019 is an expansion year for available team
MUST ATTEND Auction in person, 9:00am Sat, Apr 6, 2019 in Phila, PA.
Keeper list due 12:00 midnight Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Max keepers based on past finish: ( 1st-12 max, 2nd-14, 3rd-15, 4th-16, 5th-11th 17)
24 man active roster filled with $270 auction dollars (minus keeper contracts).
16 man reserve roster filled by 10-round reserve draft immediately following auction
Weekly (Tuesday) transaction deadline, $100 FAAB for season
Fees: $54 + fees for all transactions ($150 deposit required before auction)
Payouts of 45%/25%/15%/10%/$54 entry fee for 1st thru 5th places.
Expansion team is available, roster filled by 2 round dispersion draft from existing rosters. Details provided on request.

North Club , Chicago/North Shore

Long-running league looking for 2-3 new owners.
4/7 live auction date in Chicago, IL north suburbs
$350 to purchase 25 players
C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3OF, 4 SP, 1 RP, 1 SP/RP and 6 utility players (hitters or pitchers)
6 x 4 Roto: (Avg, HR, RBI, R, SB, 2B+3B, W, W%, ERA, Net Saves)
Waiver wire pickups are on Sunday night through the OnRoto Bidmeister.
Max pickup of 2 players per week using $100 FAAB money
Entry is $350
Although competitive, this is a fun casual league and the auction is always a great time.

DIRTY DOZEN, Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts


30 year league with several original owners.
3/31 live auction date in Andover, MA
$260 to purchase 14 offensive players and 9 pitchers.
Other than the live auction we conduct the season online.
Waiver wire pickups are on Monday?s through the OnRoto Bidmeister.
Players being activated off DL can be activated that day.
Entry is $600 and most owners have partners.

Walter's Wicker Wonder League, New York City/New Jersey area

Established 20+ year old league needs 2 new owners
We are a limited (generally East-coast based major league teams) mixed keeper league
Rotisserie 5-5 format
Live Auction in NYC (March 31st - 9am-4pm)
Weekly Free Agent Bidding
Unlimited Daily Trading (strict anti-dumping rules in place)
League Constitution posted on our OnRoto League page

Capital Region Baseball, Albany, NY


Need 5 Expansion Owners
20 Team Dynasty Keeper League, keep up to 12 MLB and 6 MiLB
Supplemental keeper draft once league is filled, followed by minor league S-Draft.
5x5 Roto Scoring: R, RBI, HR, Steals, Avg; W, S, ERA, WHIP, K:BB
Major League Auction draft date TBD (late march) - must be able to attend in person in Albany
Entry fee is $250, pay top 5 spots.

Maryland's Finest Rotisserie League, Elkridge, MD


Need 1 owner to co-own a team in a 12-team AL-only league that's existed for more than 30 years (owner will be in Japan for Draft Day 2019).
5x5 keeper league, 23 player active roster, unlimited free transactions at those times, weekly waiver wire.
Pre-season IN PERSON auction Saturday March 30 9:00 a.m. in Elkridge, MD, mid-season draft during all-star week.
Cost about $200/team for season, to cover payouts to 1st through 5th place and OnRoto stat service.
A knowledgeable and active league, congenial, equitable and friendly. Mostly older guys. Can discuss and/or provide a full set of rules if you are interested

RBL..DC..Metro, Northern VA

RBLDC league is in need of one new owner.

30+ year old National league. $300 entry fee.
draft schedule for 3/31 @ 1pm in Vienna Va.
5X5, 23 man rosters, weekly moves
team that's open finished 8th last year.

Vigilante Hose Company Baseball League, Northern Virginia

League which is 36 years old this year needs owner in the Northern Virginia area to attend an in-person draft. Cost $300, Roto style, keeper league. Would take over team that won last year. He found out he has cancer this week and will start treatments. Serious but fun league.

RidgeTop Roto, Las Cruces, NM area


Looking for 1 replacement owner for an NL plus Astros league.
Auction is live in Las Cruces, New Mexico in late March. Must be able to attend auction.
$50 league fee, 100 transaction limit.
5 X 5 standard scoring, (except we combine Saves & Holds).
Keeper league. More particulars if you're interested and able to attend auction.

STBS Roto League, Washington DC area


Need 1 owner to take over a team in a 10-team AL-only league that's existed for more than 30 years. 6x6 keeper league, 23 player active roster, 8 player reserve roster (expands to 10 after our midseason auction/draft), twice weekly transaction deadlines, unlimited free transactions at those times, weekly FAAB auctions. Pre-season auction 7 PM March 26 likely in Potomac, MD, mid-season auction/draft during all-star week. Cost about $470/team for season, to cover payouts to 1st through 5th place, weekly winners, OnRoto stat service, and food/drink at get-togethers. A knowledgeable and active league, congenial and equitable, not cutthroat. Mostly older guys. Can discuss and/or provide a full set of rules if you are interested.

Northern Valley Rotisserie League Baseball, NY/NJ Tri-state area

30+ Year NL Only Tri State Based Roto League Looking for Owner
We are a NY/NJ Based NL Only 12 Team Roto League looking to replace a retired owner.
Very Stable league almost every owner with league 20 + years. $400 entry fee.
Season long and weekly prize money
Northern NJ draft location.
If interested bring questions and concerns. We can send copy of our rules.
Good group of owners not a cut throat league.

All Star Baseball League, Connecticut area

A 10 Team Roto League is looking for two more teams.
Mixed league, fairly standard Roto rules -- league has been around for 20+ years.
Everyone will get a new team.
$300 entry (plus transactions).
This is a live draft so you must be able to come Montville, Connecticut (near Mohegan) on Sunday March 24th or be available via Skype. If you want to do Skype you must pay your entry before the draft.
Event is catered and all money is secure. References and full rules available upon request.

Paper Athletes League, Long Island

Must be able to attend live AUCTION:
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 6:30 pm Port Washington in Nassau County
$600.00 entry fee, Pay top 3 - $ 2,900.00 to winner
33rd season, keeper league, 10 owners ( using 15 MLB teams )
Standard 5 x 5 season-long roto

SENIOR CIRCUIT LEGENDS, NE Ohio and Internet based


N.L. ONLY FORMAT. Live "online" draft
10 man keeper, 3 slot minors draft
Scoring, rules & constitution posted. Please review prior to contact.
No drama queens or re-invent the rules prima donna's wanted.
No b.s. trades. Strong and astute ownership group.
$100 entry / no fee's. Could be a slight entry increase for 2019.
We use league safe for all $.

UNNL Hudson Valley NY AL Keeper League, Orange County, NY


Nearly 30 Year League Seeking 1 Owner to fill existing vacancy in 12 Team League.
Live-Round the Table Style Auction Draft Sat 3/23/19, Goshen NY
Competative Yet Not Cut-Throat Friendly League
Team Fee $200 Plus Low Cost Transactions (Avg Team incurs cost of approx. $250 Total)
Payouts to Top Five Finishers (45,25,15,10,5)
40 Man Rosters (25 Act,10 RSV, 5 Farm)
New Team will draft a initial roster from unprotected incumbents rosters)
Weekly Line Up Changes
Weekly FAAB & Waiver Claims
League hosted on OnRoto.com

Groundhog Baseball League, DC Area

Looking for 2-4 new owners for what is currently an 8-team league.
Two owners can take over an existing team whose owners have withdrawn; others would be drafting from scratch.
In-person auction+draft will be held in Silver Spring, MD on Sat. Feb. 23
Cost is about $150 ($130 league buyin plus about $20 for stat service and other league fees).
Top 4-6 finishers (depends on # of teams) share prize pool.
Keeper league, NL, 5x5 (OPS, not R), 40-man rosters to buy/draft.
Limited in-season pickups (2 supplemental drafts, May and July, held in OnRoto chat room),. Weekly roster moves.
Several unique rules (for instance, draft picks cost money, so the budget is 290 instead of 260 - but how you split the money between auction and draft(s) is up to you).

USABL , Olympia, WA area


Looking for at least 1 owner. Would consider up to 3 owners
Type-- Mixed League Roto style Keeper league--WEEKLY LEAGUE(Monday-Sunday)
Categories-- 6x6--avg,runs,hr,rbi,sb,obp,era,K's,whip,w,sv,hld
Add/drop policy--FAAB
Draft type--LIVE AUCTION (Date/Time: March 23, 9:00 AM) Need to Attend.
Auction Cap--$280 for 25 active players; NFL style draft for 15 reserve and 10 farm players
Roster (active)--2 Catchers, 2 First, 2 Second, 2 Short, 2 Third, 5 Outfielders, 5 Starting Pitchers, 5 Relief Pitchers
Roster (reserve)--1 Catcher, 1 First, 1 Second, 1 Short, 1 Third, 3 Outfielders, 3 Starting Pitchers, 3 Relief Pitchers
Roster (farm system)-- 10 players (no positional requirements)
Entry fees-- $100 (for prize pool) $25 (for weekly winner) $10 (stat service)
Payout-- if 10-12 teams: (50/20/15/10/5); if 7-9 teams: (50/25/15/10) this is for the prize pool only.
Weekly winners is pulled from a weekly winner pool.

We have owners from as south as Vancouver, WA and from as north as Marysville and Lake Stevens, WA. It is a live, in person draft and we do a potluck where the commish supplies hamburgers.

Tony's Italian Kitchen League, NYC


We're an established 30+ year AL only 4 X 4 keeper league that needs one new owner (11th team). $500 buy-in at the live auction draft to be held in New York City area on Saturday, April 6th, 2019. Total cost usually in the $1,500 - $2,000 range depending upon the number of transactions you make. All money returned to top five placers. We're basically an old style rotisserie league that has been modified down through the years. If interested, send for our league rules that modify the basic rotisserie rule set. Money recap also available that documents every day's transaction costs and end of year pay out. Daily e-mail summarizes transactions made and required moves (commissioner inputs all transactions).

Since the new owner would be starting from scratch, after the initial $260 roster buy in and farm team draft, the new owner will receive a 50% discount on all transactions made through the end of the year.

AMBL , Southern WI/Northern IL/Eastern MN

37th Year. We were a 14 team league in 2018 - currently we have two openings

Live mixed-league draft (not an auction). The 2019 draft is Saturday March 30 at noon in Madison, WI. You must attend the draft to participate in the league.

30 man roster (19 active/11 reserve) with limited keepers each year (5 players).

Cumulative Points style league with weekly transactions - this is NOT a roto or H2H type league. Our point scoring system is:
Batting: R=1, H=1, 2B=1, 3B=2, HR=2, RBI=1, SB=1, CS= -1, BB=0.5, K= -0.5, E= -1
Pitching: W=5, L= -2.5, Sv=4, Hold=2.5, BS= -2, CG=2.5, IP=1.5, H= -0.5, ER= -0.5, BB= -0.5, K=0.5

Small entry fee for stat service and payouts. 80% of fees paid out in winnings.

League constitution under League Pages -> Front Office on league website

Center of the Universe League, Long Beach/Long Island, NY


AL Veteran keeper League with 30 plus years, competitive yet friendly. LOOKING FOR AN INTERESTED OWNER CANDIDATE FOR 2019

12 teams, standard 5 x 5 scoring, 14 Hitters, 9 pitchers, $260 player budget. Keeper player format-max of 10 allowed going into auction draft. S2, S1, and (0-as the season ending contract.) We allow long term contract signings designated by the letter L (L1=season ending contract). We allow trades. We review dumps.

Entry fee is $260. Free agent pickups are first come, first served as long as you have an opening such as player hurt (DL'ed, released, or sent to minors). Free agent pickups and Waivers cost per move. In addition, everyone gets a $100 FAAB budget that can be used for traded NL players into the league or free agent pickups available in free agent pool. Waivers and FAAB pickups are run on Sunday nights.


Need 2 replacement owners... also looking for 2 expansion teams...
Fantasy Baseball Unleashed
Uniquely includes many key business aspects of baseball; For Experienced Fantasy League team Owners Only
H2H Points-Based, Daily Game Format; Regular Season (117 Games in 2018), Playoffs, & Fall League
Designed for 6 to 12 Teams, Division Play;
25-Man Rosters and 40-Man Rosters; Manageable Soft Salary Cap, Long-Term Player Contracts (Optional)
Free Agent Auctions, Rule 5 Draft, Hi and Lo Minor Leaguers; Flexible Provisions for Waivers
Daily Lineup Slots for Regular Season & Playoffs: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, C, UT, SP, RP, RP, RP
Daily Lineup Slots for Fall League: INF, INF, INF, OF, OF, UT, UT, SP
Keys to Success: Selecting a single SP for every game, setting daily lineups, managing 25-Man and 40-Man Rosters
2019 League Entry Fee: $ 100