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2018 OnRoto League Looking for Local Owners

Several years ago we had a couple of requests from long-time leagues looking for local owners to participate in in-person drafts and other league sponsored activities. So we decided to start posting a list to see if it would be helpful -- it was, so we're back again.

If you live in the area of any of these leagues and you're interested in participating, please email OnRoto Support and we'll get your email address to the league commissioner and you can take it from there.

If you're a league looking for local owners, send us some of the details about your league -- especially location, entry fee, payout, draft date, and any obligations owners have to attend various events, and we'll post a note for you.

Most Recent Update: Thu Mar 15 22:34:06 EDT 2018

MHS FANTASY SPORTS, Internet-based, hosted at OnRoto

MHS FANTASY SPORTS - 27th Year. H2H & ROTO Leagues
Very competitive Roto and H2H leagues.
UNLIMITED FREE Trading, Weekly Free Agent Drafts
Mention OnRoto and receive a 20% discount off a Team for Sale
Email support@MHSsports.com or call 954-649-7020 Anti-dumping trade rules used.

Slowball Memorial Rotisserie League, Atlanta area


11 team NL only, $50 fee
Usually it is a live draft, but 2018 it is going to be online with onroto.
Some people may gather for the draft
5x5 league 260 salary cap and 10 player reserve draft
(minor leaguers and left over major leaguers not auctioned).

Ypsi-Arbor Rotisserie Foundation, Ann Arbor, MI area


29th year, 10-12 team, NL only, 5x5 (with OBP), keeper roto league
$60 entry, pay 3-4 places. Salary cap, and anti-dumping rules.
Original TQStats + Current OnRoto Staff (and friends) league.
In-person draft in Ann Arbor, Saturday, April 7th -- Skype okay

New England Rotisserie League, North of Boston

Entry fee: $325 plus minimal fees for contract buyouts and such
Payouts: 1st Place 50% / 2nd Place 25% / 3rd Place 15% / 4th Place 10%
Draft date: Saturday, March 31, 9 a.m.
Live draft attendance preferred, but we'll conference people in, if necessary.
League owners include a pre-eminent fantasy "expert" (ESPN, Rotowire) as well as a columnist for BaseballHQ.com

Paper Athletes League, Long Island

Must be able to attend live AUCTION
Thursday, March 29, 2018, 6:45 pm Port Washington in Nassau County
$600.00 entry fee
30 year old, keeper league, 10 owners using 15 MLB teams
Normal 5 x 5, season long, roto

Tony's Italian Kitchen League, NYC

Established 30+ AL only league looking for an 11th team
4 X 4 rotisserie league with live auction draft in NYC area on April 7, 2018
Annual cost $1,500 - $2,000 based on transactions made. All money returned
Since the new owner would be starting from scratch, the new owner receives a 50% discount on all transactions made after the initial $260 & farm team buy in through the end of the year. This should lower the first year cost to an estimated $750 - $800.
Excel spreadsheet available that documents every single cost throughout the year.
Modified rotisserie league - our modifications to the basic rotiss rule set are documented in the league constitution
Daily e-mail recaps all transactions and required player moves

Stroke-It Fantasy Baseball League, Internet based


  • Draft is held every year live in Las Vegas and online. It is not mandatory to go to Las Vegas for draft.
  • League has been in existence for 22 seasons
  • Entry fee: $200 for new owners. $400 for returning owners
  • Transaction fees: Average per team per season is ~$250
  • Total cost first season : ~ $450
  • 15 teams, snake draft
  • Format: Mixed, weekly, and redraft league with option of player protection for 1 season for up to 8 players. For each protected player a draft pick is forfeited beginning with first round. New owners can with stipulations draft protected players
  • Players available in this year's draft : Trout, Kershaw, Correa, Bryant, Betts, Arenado, Scherzer, Lindor, Greinke, Strasburg (likely), Aroldis Chapman and others
  • Season, monthly, and weekly prizes
  • Monthly supplemental draft
  • Draft is held after Spring Training in late March or early April
  • The 2017 season first prize was $3,620, plus an additional approximate $200 in other awards. Season prizes for 1st - 5th place.
  • Points based Scoring:
    • Hitters: TB, RBI, R, SB, CS
    • Pitchers: W, L, Sv, K, ER, BB
  • Click here for league rules

Big Orange League, Raleigh, NC area


Need an owner for an NL only (minus Col) rotisserie style, 5x5 8 team keeper league.
There is a roster in place.
Rules generally follow the Original Rotiserie rules.
Roster freeze is March 26th.
Auction Draft Day is April 7th at 10:30 AM at the Bull and the Bear.
$100 entry per year, with transaction costs.
We pay top 3 places each year, with weekly transactions.

Dr. Strangeglove League, West Hartford, CT

26 year old, 5x5 American League only.
$260 entry fee. 10 team auction keeper league.
Draft Sunday 4/8

SENIOR CIRCUIT LEGENDS, Akron-Cleveland Ohio area / Internet


League just completed year 3. Great core group of owners.
12 teams. 5 x 5 scoring. Keeper player format-max of 10
No player contract extensions, C = last yr. Contracts are current - 2018
Flat entry fee $100. We draft "live" on-line, auction format.
Payout for top 4 using League safe for all $ collection
We incorporate 3 minor league player slots via standard draft after auction
We use the OnRoto bid meister system as priority #1 for player claims. Get 1 player, go to back of the line.
We also employ a 24 hr window of "1st come/1st serve" player claims following the bid period.
NO DRAMA QUEENS or "re-invent the rules" Prima Donnas wanted. Drama free roto zone!

Fawn Grove Rotisserie League, South Central PA and MD


5x5 NL Rotisserie keeper league
In-Person Auction Draft March 17
25+ year league
We need 2 owners.
$100, payout 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%

North Club , Chicago/North Shore

Auction Mixed League - must attend
Will occur on either March 26th or March 28th
Entry Fee: $420 but can be discussed
$350 to spend at auction on 25 players
C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3 OF, 4SP, 1SP/RP, 1 RP, 6 utility (hitters or pitchers), 5 bench
6 * 4 (Avg, HR, RBI, R, SB, 2B + 3B, W, W%, ERA, Net Saves)
$100 FAAB money - max 2 pickups per week
Weekly moves
Top 4 places win - 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%
Looking for 3-4 teams

The League To Be Named Later , Mainly Ohio


We are The League to be Named Later (Rules and history at www.ltbnl.org ).
2018 will be our 30th season.
We are based in Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, but have owners in Chicago and NY also.
We need ONE owner to take over a team (the ownerless team finished 7th last year).
We are an NL-only, 5x5, keeper league using mainly traditional roto rules.
Daily transactions.
Our auction will be held on 3/24/18 in Ohio.
We'd prefer someone who can draft in-person, but we're flexible on that.
Fees depend on number of transactions but are usually $100-$300 per team.

Stir Not My Cold, Black Roto-Heart League , Internet-based


Unique Opportunity:

  • There are no weak teams to inherit, since there will be a 15 round serpentine draft for replacement owners and the player pool includes those on the teams that finished first and second in 2017.
  • Auction Day is 7 April 2018, Saturday, beginning at 3 P.M. EST using OnRoto league service.
  • Head to head weekly format. We will have 2 winners in 2018: the cumulative season winner and the playoffs winner, with every team in the playoffs.
  • Ten team mixed league in existence over 30 consecutive seasons.
  • Deep MLB player pool penetration using 46 active slots, plus Farm and DL.
  • Quality of League Owners is more important than quantity of of owners. No bench, GM style, not a daily manager lineup league.
  • The Ohtani question: as 2 completely distinct players. Hitter Ohtani and Pitcher Ohtani, who obviously can be on 2 different Teams.
  • We don't play for a pot of gold; there is no financial rainbow for each of the 2 winners, so find another league if you're only motivated by money to play fantasy baseball seriously.
  • We give everyone a shot in the postseason, so you're never truly out of it, especially by the Dog Days of August.
  • Draft pool, categories, and any other information is readily available by request.

Mason Dixon Fantasy Baseball League, PA/MD/DC area

MUST ATTEND draft in Hagerstown, MD, on 3/31
NL Only, 5x5 keeper league with minor league
weekly transactions
$30 entry fee plus transaction fees
60% for winner
looking for 1-2 new teams

DTFBL, Internet


20+ year NL-only league.
Had 7 teams last year and prefer total of 8-10.
Draft is snake format and on-line (using website, 2 minutes per pick last year) the weekend prior to start of season.
No keepers -- draft from scratch each year.
Scoring is 5x5 rotisserie.
Entry fee is $80 with no transaction fees
Draft March 24 on-line using draft room.
Click here for constitution

All Star Baseball League, Connecticut area

A 11 Team Roto League is looking for one or two more teams.
Entry is $300 ($150 goes to transactions) with $5 transactions and $25 add/drops.
Fairly standard roto rules. This is a mixed league.
This is a snake draft and everyone will get a new team.
This league has been around almost 20 years.
This is a live draft so you must be able to come to New London, Connecticut on March 18th, or be available via Skype.
Event is catered and all money is secure. References and full rules available upon request.

Walter's Wicker Wonder League, New York City/New Jersey area

Established 20+ year old league needs 2 new owners
We are a limited (generally East-coast based MLB teams only) mixed keeper league
Rotisserie 5-5 format
Live Auction in NYC/Bergen County (March 25th - 9am-4pm)
Weekly Free Agent Bidding
Unlimited Daily Trading (strict anti-dumping rules in place)
League Constitution posted on our OnRoto League page

Vigilante Hose Company Baseball League, Northern Virginia


Looking for 1 owner in a 10 Team keeper League in No. Va.
In-Person draft, Friday March 30, 7:00PM
Fee $200- No Transaction fees and moves twice a week
Competitive in our 37th year! Payout Top 4
$260 for 24 players in 5x5 Roto League

Elmhurst Basball Association, Albany, NY area


AL only league established in 1985
Need 3 teams due to owner time constraints
5 x 5 scoring 12 teams Keeper format-expansion draft held for new teams
League Rules posted online
Entry fee $150-In person MLB draft TBD, minor league draft after auction
Payout for top 4 spots
Use Bid Meister system for waiver claims/bid players

Mid-American League, Kansas City Area

30+ year old 12 team AL only needs one owner
Redraft league 5x5 24 man rosters with 8 reserve
Auction process
$330 entry 100% paid out to 4 places
Kansas City -- draft day March 25 in person

Sullivan Memorial Baseball League, Bethlehem, PA

League fee is 350.00 per team
18 teams two division of 9
Standard Roto league
Draft is live in Bethlehem PA, March 25th -- must attend
League rules on site

YOU'RE MY BOY BLUE, Smithfield/Providence, RI, and Internet-based


STANDARD 5X5 ROTISSERIE, 8 owner league
Entry Fee $150/Owner
Payout Structure 1st Place $700; 2nd Place $350; 3rd Place $150
This league is intended to be fun and competitive with your success being based largely on your DRAFTING AND ACQUISITIONAL SKILLS
ONLINE DRAFT DATE: Sat, March 17 2018 (1:30pm) (tentative).
A fair league with no B.S. -- Not looking to get rich, just looking to have fun in a friendly, competitive setting.

DIRTY DOZEN, Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts


Boston-based league in Merrimack Valley needs 2 owners. We are a 30 year league, AL-Only. 5x5 dynasty league. Great owners, we have 6 original franchise owners still in the league. Very competitive league. We draft in the Andover area- the entry fee is the same as it was in 1988 - $600. We pay out 5 prizes each year. This is a terrific league to be involved in. We only meet a couple of times a year after the draft. We?re looking for a couple of good guys with high fantasy baseball IQ. We are a standard 12 team league and need 2 owners- don?t miss out! Draft will Be Friday, March 30th at around 6:30pm.

RBL..DC..Metro, Northern VA


In person NL only league in northern VA with noon auction on Sunday, 4/8/18.
Well established 12 team keeper league has 1 opening
5x5: HR, RBI, R, SB, BA & W, SO, ERA, WHIP, S
tight salary cap of $310 (actives+reserves) effective in minimizing dump trades
lump sum fee of $300, no transaction costs, payouts to top 6 teams
FA pickups via FAAB using bidmeister, no reserves other than DL/players sent to minors
up to 15 keepers, team to take over could have about 10 keepers

Colonel Slugger League , Louisville, KY


Merging an NL-only and AL-only league into one mixed league due to slow but steady loss of owners over the years. Keeper league, but some excellent teams are available due to merger. (Some owners had teams in both leagues, and in those cases they can only take one team into the new league. So there are several very good teams are available.)

Standard 5x5 Roto, except OBP instead of BA. Standard 14 Hitters, 9 pitchers, $260 player budget, with 9 reserves. We have 11 or 12 owners confirmed and want to get to 15. We draft in person, probably on March 31. $150 per team, 100% payout.

USABL , Olympia, WA area

Looking for at least 1 owner. Would consider up to 3 owners
Type-- Mixed League Roto style Keeper league--WEEKLY LEAGUE(Monday-Sunday)
Categories-- 6x6--avg,runs,hr,rbi,sb,obp,era,K's,whip,w,sv,hld
Add/drop policy--FAAB
Draft type--LIVE AUCTION (Date/Time: March 24 @ 0900 hrs) Need to Attend.
Auction Cap--$280 for 25 active players; NFL style draft for 15 reserve and 10 farm players
Roster (active)--2 Catchers, 2 First, 2 Second, 2 Short, 2 Third, 5 Outfielders, 5
Starting Pitchers, 5 Relief Pitchers
Roster (reserve)--1 Catcher, 1 First, 1 Second, 1 Short, 1 Third, 3 Outfielders, 3
Starting Pitchers, 3 Relief Pitchers
Roster (farm system)-- 10 players (no positional requirements)
Entry fees-- $100 (for prize pool) $25 (for weekly winner) $10 (stat service)
Payout-- if 10-12 teams: (50/20/15/10/5); if 7-9 teams: (50/25/15/10) this is for the prize pool only.
Weekly winners is pulled from a weekly winner pool.

We have owners from as south as Vancouver, WA and from as north as Marysville and Lake Stevens, WA. It is a live, in person draft and we do a potluck where the commish supplies hamburgers.

AMBL , Southern WI/Northern IL/Eastern MN


36th Year. Currently have 12 teams from 2017.
We have two openings due to owners from 2017 dropping out for 2018.
Live mixed-league draft (not an auction) Saturday, March 24, 2018 in Madison, WI.
You must attend the draft to participate in the league.
30 man roster (19 active/11 reserve) with limited keepers each year (5 players)
Cumulative Points style league Our point scoring system is:
Batting: R-1, H-1, 2B-1, 3B-2, HR-2, RBI-1, SB-1, CS- -1, BB-0.5, K- -0.5, E- -1
Pitching: W-5, L- -2.5, Sv-4, Hold-2.5, BS- -2, CG-2.5, IP-1.5, H- -0.5, ER- -0.5, BB- -0.5, K-0.5
Small entry fee for stat service and payouts.
League constitution under League Pages -> Front Office on league website, AMBL

No Name AL League, Long Island, NY


Long established AL only league is in need of two replacement owners
There will be a dispersal draft from the two available rosters
Initial fee is $1100 with a few other costs
5x5 Ultra Roto, live draft most likely on the morning of Sunday, 3/18
The teams have plenty of good keepers like:
Aaron Judge $15, Edwin Diaz $6, Max Kepler $1, Yoan Moncada $15, Joey Gallo $10, Nomar Mazara $15, Mitch Haniger $10, Brandon Moss $9, Gleyber Torres $3, Brad Brach $3, Eduardo Escobar $1, Dylan Bundy $7, James Paxton $17, Ken Giles $19, Chris Sale $35 and Jose Abreu $31
Yu Darvish will be $10 if he signs in the AL
There's also some good prospects including Forrest Whitley, Jake Bauers, Leody Taveras and Jason Groome
With daily transactions and FAAB bids, this league is not for the casual roto player
If you're interested in testing your mettle against some of the best players anywhere, this is the league for you.

Justice League, currently Internet, but historically live, Northern Va, based


Long time East Coast AL only traditional roto keeper league looking for one owner.

This is an online auction (Sunday April 1st at 6 pm) league with a large reserve roster that charges one fee ($200) and offers free weekly moves, trades, FAAB and waivers with midweek exceptions for injuries and major league promotions. The team available grades out poorly so we are offering a $50 discount. We use LeagueSafe and desire an owner looking to stay long term that acts like a gentleman.


2nd Year Highly Competitive Points-Based H2H League
Advanced Rules, 60-man Rosters -- Rulebook & rosters emailed on request
World Series in August, our version of Arizona Fall League in September
Need 1 committed owner due to time constraint
No cash outlay for now, may be a future consideration
Started with 6 teams, will ultimately attempt to expand to 12 teams (2 at a time)

Short Circuit League , Southern CA


NL Only Rotisserie League / ULTRA format (40 +/- man rosters).
LIVE draft in Southern California (Must Attend)

25+ year old league could use a couple owners to bring it up to a full field. This is a keeper league, with a great group of guys. Full price, $500 buy-in with daily transactions and weekly FAAB. 5 x 5 categories, no head to head. Fully transparent rules, and this is the best run league you will ever participate in. We will hold an expansion draft for new teams to stock them. The goal is to get you a fair, competitive team - not the worst team going into the draft, or the best. Draft usually held just prior to the season, and there are no fees (fees come out of the prize pot) for the stat service and lunch which is served at the draft.

Richie Allen NL , Internet-based


Third year NL only, keeper league seeking three owners. We allow free daily moves, free FAAB/waivers and free trades with a lower team salary cap to scale back trading for the championship. Annual online auction and reserve draft is the evening of April 6. We have a strict policy on owners behaving like gentlemen. Cost is capped at $300 and is held by LeagueSafe, which pays out the top five owners in our 12 team league.

Center of the Universe League, Long Beach/Long Island, NY


AL Veteran keeper League with 30 plus years, competitive yet friendly. LOOKING FOR AN INTERESTED OWNER CANDIDATE FOR 2018

12 teams, standard 5 x 5 scoring, 14 Hitters, 9 pitchers, $260 player budget. Keeper player format-max of 10 allowed going into auction draft. S2, S1, and (0-as the season ending contract.) We allow long term contract signings designated by the letter L (L1=season ending contract). We allow trades. We review dumps.

Entry fee is $260. Free agent pickups are first come, first served as long as you have an opening such as player hurt (DL'ed, released, or sent to minors). Free agent pickups and Waivers cost per move. In addition, everyone gets a $100 FAAB budget that can be used for traded NL players into the league or free agent pickups available in free agent pool. Waivers and FAAB pickups are run on Sunday nights.

We draft "live" using an auction format with an auctioneer. You must be present. Draft will most likely be the week before the season starts or the weekend after. Payout for top 5. We incorporate 4 minor league player slots via standard draft after auction. We use the OnRoto bid-meister system as priority #1 for waiver claims and FAAB.

UNNL- Upstate No Name League, Orange County, NY



RUBBER CITY SANDLOT, Akron-Cleveland Ohio area / Internet


League just completed year 8. Great core group of owners.
12 teams. 5 x 5 scoring. Keeper player format-max of 10
No player contract extensions, C = last yr. Contracts are current - 2018
Flat entry fee $100. We draft "live" on-line, auction format.
Payout for top 4 using League safe for all $ collection
We incorporate 3 minor league player slots via standard draft after auction
We use the OnRoto bid meister system as priority #1 for player claims. Get 1 player, go to back of the line.
We also employ a 24 hr window of "1st come/1st serve" player claims following the bid period.
NO DRAMA QUEENS or "re-invent the rules" Prima Donnas wanted. Drama free roto zone!